Vapi numbers not working internationnaly
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I know how to fix this error, but the number I got has no twilio account I got it directly from vapi's 2$/month option
Hi @Abed Malak, I'm an AI assistant for Vapi. I'll analyze available sources and get back to you shortly.
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### Answer If you purchased a phone number directly from Vapi for international use and are encountering issues, it's important to ensure the number's configuration aligns with Vapi's requirements for outbound and inbound calls. Given that you mentioned the number is from Vapi and does not have an associated Twilio account, the application of this number should work seamlessly for both inbound and outbound calls as per Vapi's design [(1)]() . For troubleshooting, ensure your number is correctly set up in your Vapi dashboard and check any specific configurations or restrictions that might affect international calling capabilities. If you're using the number for outbound calls, you might want to review the setup guide and ensure all necessary configurations, such as the assistant ID and server URLs, are correctly implemented [(2)]() . If issues persist and given the details provided, it might be beneficial to examine any error messages or logs that indicate why the number isn't working as expected internationally. Remember, Vapi's platform is designed to support both inbound and outbound calls when numbers are procured directly from their service [(1)]() . For further assistance or detailed troubleshooting steps, it would be recommended to consult Vapi's official documentation or reach out to their support directly, as specific configuration details and account-related matters would require direct access to your Vapi setup.
Currently, international calls are not supported on Vapi. In order to make international call, you need to purchase it from twilio and then import it to Vapi.
Will update a disclaimer in the phone purchase section
Ok thanks 🙂
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