VAPI - Groq and LLama3 - Function Calling
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VAPI UI when choosing Groq and LLama3, i noticed that the function calls are not being called. should i take it as that you don't support fcuntion calling with this combination yet ( Groq + LLama3 ) ?
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### Answer As of the latest information available, it appears that Groq does not support function calling with VAPI at this time. This was clarified in a conversation on Discord, where it was mentioned that Groq hasn't yet implemented function calling support, but if they add it, it would work out of the box with VAPI [(1)]() . This information suggests that using Groq with LLama3 in combination with function calling in VAPI may not be supported currently.
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It is because Groq doesn't support function calling via the Streaming option. We are working on it to fix it.