Some calls showing pipeline-first-error message
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Even though I am using elevenlabs provided by vapi. Call ID: 3b26e758-b2e6-4f2f-a71b-81845ac53488
Hi @Teraze0x, I'm an AI assistant for Vapi. I'll analyze available sources and get back to you shortly.
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### Answer The "pipeline-error-first-message-failed" error occurs primarily due to issues with the first message delivery in a call. This error might be related to the configuration or integration of the voice provider being used, such as ElevenLabs in your case. From the provided information, it's crucial to ensure that all configurations are correctly set, including the voice provider details and any custom model or transcriber settings that might be associated with the call. For specific issues related to the ElevenLabs voice provider, it's known that certain configurations or plan restrictions can lead to errors. As seen in discussions on a Discord forum, using custom voices or specific language configurations with ElevenLabs and similar providers can lead to "pipeline-error-first-message-failed" errors when there are limitations or unusual activities detected on the provider's end [(1)]() [(2)]() . Additionally, ensuring that provider keys (such as those for Deepgram or OpenAI if used in conjunction) are correctly set and active is crucial, as expired API keys or exceeded quotas can lead to failures in the voice pipeline [(3)]() . Given the complexity and potential variability in the causes of this error, it might be helpful to review your current setup and configurations against the provided guidelines and ensure that all necessary provider keys are correctly set and within their usage limits. If adjustments to configurations do not resolve the issue, further investigation into the specifics of the call and any associated logs might be necessary to identify the root cause. For comprehensive advice on resolving specific configuration issues or errors, re
ferring to the official documentation and seeking direct assistance from the Vapi support team might provide more tailored guidance.
Got it. Tagging @User for additional help.
Error Message: eleven-labs-voice-not-found
Sync your voice and then select the right voice from 11lab. You will not face this issue.
It was working fine till yesterday, and even working fine in dashboard. But yeah changing the voice fixed it
Glad I could be helpful. Feel free to create a new thread with any new questions you may have.