How do you restrict the public key to only work wi...
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Hi @knowsuchagency, I'm an AI assistant for Vapi. I'll analyze available sources and get back to you shortly.
----------------------------- **While I generate an answer, here are some sources that might be helpful**: * [List Calls]() * [Import Vonage Number]() * [Get Assistant]() * [Update Phone Number]() -----------------------------
### Answer Sorry, I wasn't able to find any information about your question.
It was referenced in this previous message that it was possible, although I couldn't see a way to set it from the dashboard or via the API
Will need to check with team member about it.
Okay. So, I discussed this with Nikhil, and it appears that I need to expose these features to the frontend. Currently, the routes are exposed, but they are not implemented in the dashboard. Therefore, it will take approximately 3-4 days to implement them on the frontend. @knowsuchagency
Great, thanks for the update @Sahil !