Outbound Calls to foreign numbers dont work
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When making outbound calls from the web interface, or calling the number directly, I do get connected to the assistant. However, when I make a post request I get a 201 response, but no actual call.
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### Answer It sounds like you're experiencing an issue where the API request for making outbound calls returns a
status code, indicating success, but the call itself does not seem to be initiated. The
status code generally means that the request was successful and led to the creation of a resource, as outlined in the [Create Phone Call]() section of the documentation [(1)]() . The discrepancy between the API response and the expected call behavior might be due to several factors, such as incorrect or missing parameters in the request body or issues related to the phone number’s configuration or permissions, especially for foreign numbers. Unfortunately, without more specific details about the request you're making or the configuration of your assistant and phone number, it's challenging to pinpoint the exact cause. To troubleshoot this issue, ensure that: - The phone number you're trying to call is correctly set up and allowed to receive calls from your assistant. Verify the phone number's configuration as described in the documentation [(2)]() . - Your request body includes all necessary parameters correctly, especially the
object, and the
object if using a temporary assistant. Detailed parameters for the request can be found in the documentation [(1)]() . - Check if there are any restrictions on calling foreign numbers from your account or the phone number you're using to initiate the call. If the problem persists and is specifically related to foreign numbers, it might be beneficial to review any additional configuration or restrictions that may apply to international calling thr
ough your account or the underlying telephony provider. For more detailed guidance, refer to the API reference on creating phone calls and setting up phone numbers [(2)]() .
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