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Hello it was working perfectly fine last week, there is credit on Twilio, and now when i click on TALK with MARY the voice assistant then nothing no sound nada. please help Also how to set this in production with twilio active can you give me a tutorial? Regards
Hi @JcMETAV, I'm an AI assistant for Vapi. I'll analyze available sources and get back to your shortly.
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### Answer For the issue with your voice assistant not producing sound, it might be beneficial to check the assistant's configuration, especially if there were any changes or updates since it last worked. Verifying the assistant's setup in the Vapi dashboard could be helpful. Additionally, ensuring that the Twilio integration is correctly configured is crucial. Sometimes, issues can arise from changes on the Twilio side or within the assistant's settings in Vapi. For setting up your voice assistant in production with Twilio active, you can follow the process of importing a Twilio number into Vapi as outlined in the documentation. This involves using your Twilio credentials to verify the number and configure it with Vapi services [(1)]() . Furthermore, ensure that your assistant is correctly configured to handle inbound and outbound calls as needed. You might want to review the endpoints and configurations related to creating phone calls [(2)]() , handling phone numbers [(1)]() , and managing assistants [(3)]() for a comprehensive setup. If you've verified these configurations and the issue persists, it could be related to a specific error or configuration issue that's not directly covered in the information provided. In such cases, checking the call logs in Vapi's dashboard for any errors or unusual statuses that could indicate what went wrong might offer additional insights.
Can you share some screenshot or call_id of what is the exact issue that you are facing?
hey when i click on it, before Mary would start to speak, but now there is no sound, can you test it on your side @Sahil ?
so CALL ID: 4e217ede-9ee8-4179-b4bc-0bd5fe0da4fa is empty