Integration with any third party dialer company
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We are building a screening/qualification call. If the person is interested then we want to forward the call to real executive which is possible in vapi with forwarding_number in config. The problem is can we integrate a third party dialer company to make those outbound call and we inject the vapi bot in that call via websocket or tweeking twilio? t: @Vapi Support
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### Answer Vapi supports integration with your outbound call scenario, allowing forwarding to a real executive using the
configuration. For integrating a third-party dialer to make those outbound calls, Vapi acts as an orchestration layer over various services, including Speech-to-Text (STT), Large Language Model (LLM), and Text-to-Speech (TTS) providers, and offers flexibility in handling calls. While direct documentation on integrating third-party dialers other than Twilio isn't explicitly detailed, Vapi's customizable nature and support for real-time intelligence during conversations suggest that integrating with a third-party dialer via websockets or tweaking for Twilio could be feasible. It might involve using Vapi's API endpoints to create and manage calls, where you can specify an
for outbound calls [(1)]() . Further customization and integration details would depend on the capabilities of the third-party dialer and how it can interface with Vapi's provided endpoints and configurations. For specific integration patterns and best practices, reviewing Vapi's documentation on creating phone calls , and understanding how Vapi works [(2)]() might offer additional insights. If your dialer supports similar mechanisms to Twilio for call handling and webhooks, you might find a pathway to integrate using Vapi's flexible API.
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Yeah. You can do it you just need to write some code for it which trigger the outbound calls from vapi
sure. thanks for the response @Sahil . It is the ideal approach we can go with. Thanks.
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