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Howdy, I'm pretty new at this. Kind of confused because i have set the web url to the one listed on my webhook in but it doesn't trigger after the call is finished. Is there some way to see if Vapi is sending the webhook? Thankyou
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### Answer To check if Vapi is sending the webhook after the call finishes, you can look for the "End of Call Report" message that Vapi sends to your server URL. This message includes details such as the reason the call ended, the recording URL, a summary, and a transcript among other information [(1)]() . If you're not receiving this message, ensure your server is correctly handling POST requests from Vapi and that the server URL is correctly configured in your assistant settings. Additionally, double-check that the server URL you've set in Vapi matches exactly with the one provided by for the webhook, including any necessary path or query parameters. If you continue to face issues, reviewing server logs for incoming requests from Vapi might help identify whether the requests are reaching your server and how they're being processed.