Ended Reason: unknown-error
# support
Hi, I received a call today which doesn't play, was wondering what may have caused this? The call id is 8371bc21-c9d6-45b4-95dc-70fe6883fa25
Hi @ZeroBot.ai, I'm an AI assistant for Vapi. While a team member reviews this question, I'll look through relevant sources and see if I can provide suggestions. Please tag @Vapi Support with any follow-up questions.
----------------------------- **While I generate an answer, here are some sources that might be helpful**: * [Create Phone Call]() * [List Calls]() * [Get Call]() * [Outbound Sales Example]() -----------------------------
### Answer The "unknown-error" ended reason indicates an unspecified issue occurred during the call process. While the exact cause isn't detailed in the information provided, it could relate to a variety of factors outside of common error definitions. For specific details and troubleshooting, it's best to consult Vapi's support directly.
I'm hoping that we're not missing out on phone calls which could be potential clients
following. i had the same issue and same concern. re-iterating from my chat with @Sahil , call logs would be super importnt for root-causing, fallbacks etc etc...