An error occurred in this call: pipeline-error-pla...
# support
I paid for Hacker plan but I see
errors on some, but not all, voices
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### Answer The
error indicates a problem with the PlayHT voice service during the call. This could be due to various reasons, such as specific voice compatibility issues or temporary service disruptions. Since it's occurring with some voices and not others, it points to a potential issue with certain PlayHT voices. To resolve this, consider trying alternative voices or reaching out directly to PlayHT for support on this matter, as they might provide more specific reasons why certain voices may not be working as expected with your current plan. For more detailed troubleshooting or to explore voice customization options that Vapi supports, you might find the documentation on setting up voice providers or managing assistants helpful [(1)]() , [(2)]() .
@slava6298 Please do check the playht account, if you've exhausted the credits on your hacker plan. Let me know the call ID of the failed errors, I'll check if there is something else wrong