Can't add a custom voice ID - eleven labs
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I'm trying to add a custom voice, but I get this error when trying to publish. Could it be something related to me using Multilingual v2?
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### Answer When adding a custom voice from Eleven Labs or any other provider, ensure you accurately update the
property in your assistant configuration. For custom voices, the configuration should include the
and your specific
. If you're using Eleven Labs, your configuration might look similar to this:
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  "voice": {
    "provider": "elevenlabs",
    "voiceId": "your-custom-voice-id"
However, the detailed error during publishing is crucial for a precise diagnosis. The issue may not directly relate to using Multilingual v2, but make sure the custom voice ID and provider are correctly specified. For further assistance on specific errors or setup, checking the documentation or reaching out for support might be necessary [(1)]() .
Got it. Tagging @User for additional help.
I'm trying to do it inside the website... the picture describes the error clearly
You added your 11labs key to the Providers page?
That solved it, thanks! Would be helpful to mention that when adding a voice ID - somehow it didn't seem obvious 😅