Can Vapi Do Live Transfers
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Quick question: Can Vapi do live transfers? When Vapi completes the script and the lead shows interest, can they be live transferred? If so, how can I do that?
You could be done via little bit of prompting and call forwarding parameters but right now I don’t have much experience with it. But, I think you can achieve it.
Sahil can you elaboarate more how to do it? Particularly the case when the caller is not responding and we need control back to the agent to do a fallback action like say taking a mesage - thank you
You mean like if I being silent for 30secs then you want to perform action X correct?
We currently don't support live transfers. We do a blind transfer to a number you tell us in
The closest thing to live transfer would be to have a
function the AI would call
you would handle the function and check if one of your agents is available
return yes < assistant will transfer return no < assistant will hangup the call and tell them they can expect a call back from you
Wait nikhil how does that blind transfer differ from a live transfer? I might be missing something, but i suppose we call the transferCall function and the call gets transferred to the routed number right? Is that supported even after the AI talking for a couple of minutes and running some lead qualification? Or is it different than that And if i got it correct, does that not automatically qualify as a live transfer
A blind transfer occurs when a call is transferred to another number or extension without the transferee speaking to the target recipient first. This means that the assistant doesn't wait to confirm if the new recipient is available or willing to take the call—they just transfer it.
A live transfer includes a conversation between the original handler and the new recipient before the call is transferred. This allows the assistant to provide context or information about the call before passing it along.
Ah okay, i was misunderstanding it all along and did think vapi allows live transfers
Sorry I was not clear. What I meant was a customer calling company X, and an AI assistant answers. Then customer says transfer call to a live agents. AI assistant attempts a call to the live agent. Live agent does not answer even after few rings. Now AI agent wants to take back control and apologize to the customer and take some action. I gues one could accomplish this with a twilio like API being used as a function call as opposed to doing the transfercall feature?
I think you can set up some routing mechanisms, which are used by customer support. In case they don't pick up the phone, calls can be redirected elsewhere. While I don't have much knowledge about it, I'm sure @nikhil will be able to provide some insights.
Thank you Sahil. The routing part is not clear. If this is done through Twilio by doing a functon call handler, the challenge is how does the current AI assistant who is handling the call, know to do the routing for both cases (1) the recipient of the redirected call does not pick and we want to give back control to the AI assistant, and (2) just forward the call. Alternatively, if the current forawadingcall function that VAPI already supports has a fallback parameter to just get back to the current call say after n rings, would be more than sufficient. Actually if preTransfer function solution nikhil mentioned above might work.
Ya something will work, you just gotta try