CheckAvailability function problem
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export default defineComponent({ props: { available: {type: "boolean"} }, async run({ steps, $ }) { await $.respond({ status: 200, headers: {}, body: available ? 'Good!' : 'Too bad' }) }, }) This is the final block in pipedream for returning http response. Here, I checked the availability of my calendar and has a boolean value prop for it. I want to make my vapi agent say different things based on the response body and hence the available boolean value. Right now, when I call the checkAvailability function, the workflow succeeds and creates a valid available boolean value, but the vapi agent freezes. It just keeps on saying 'hold on a sec' even though the workflow ended.
silence-timed-out I realized this is the problem, but not sure how to fix it
Can you share your call id? @John
7981e0a7-1a44-4f4c-a488-0434e4d0a078 This is the call id
AI: I'm sorry, but that time is not available. Do you have another preferred date and time within the specified hours? User: Yes. Then how how about next Wednesday, 11 AM? AI: This will just take a sec. AI: Sorry. A few more seconds. After saying the last sentence, the assistant becomes unresponsive and then ends the call abruptly