Speaking First
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Hi there! I am making an outbound call assistant and I noticed that if I don't put a
first message
my assistant will sometimes hang up immediately after whoever picked up talks. I was hoping not to have a first message because it will talk over voicemails, automated systems and the user if they also talk. This makes the transcript messier for me to work with. I am trying to use the following prompt. Is there any best practice to get the agent to talk after a couple seconds if the user doesn't speak, and to not hang up right away without using a
thanks! """ You are trying to determine whether the number you are calling belongs to {company_name}. Follow the following steps closely: - Ask them "Hi is this {company_name} - Wait for confirmation - If they don't respond ask one more time - Wait for confirmation - Tell them to have a nice day and hang up """
You can achieve this use case through prompting. // @chubchub3202