Cannot assign CustomerID from web SDK
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I posted this in general but didn't hear back from anyone is there any reason why i am unable to assign a customerID value? that javascript code should assign a customer id for the call however when my vapi function returns data, customerID is still null not sure if we are barred from assigning a value from code or something? i got everything working in terms of storing a UID in session hsitory, but its imperative that i can assign that value somewhere when the call begins maybe im just trying to assign the value incorrectly? it looks correct to me is there any other documentation or something. assistant is just equal to the assistantID of the number i'm connecting to, is there a way to pass in the customerID there or something? either way not sure why what i currently have isn't working is there a way to programmatically assign that customerID value through the sdk? i can't see why we wouldn't be able to but it doesn't appear to change form the default value of None despite me assigning a different value i can't think of a signle reason why we can't assign customerID within the vapiinstance config (unless your sdk does not allow us to do so) especially since it defaults to "None". Unless i messed something up? can't even assign a value to just customer, if i could assign a value to any additional parameters it would be perfect for my use case. Please if anyone can help me with this i would greatly appreciate it. this is the last hurdle for finsihing my web app and vapi is working so well for this. I just need to understadn why we can't even modify the CustomerID parameter even though it defaults to none. I know call id is genrated automatically but if i could update customerID and match it to the session id i wrote in django, i am finally good to go and get deploying with vapi as the backbone of some aspects of my webapp. thanks in advance! let me know if you need any more details
evidently i can assign the assistant value through that config but i am unable to assign a value to CustomerID. this would be a HUGE help if there's a way to do it, i have a feeling i'm not the only one who would benefit from this. maybe there's a workaround or i am just trying to assign it in the incorrect place?
that's a good point
for now, use
we should def let you do this tho, no reason not to
yep I got it working great a few days ago, thanks for the suggestions!
I noticed a downgrade in voice quality and pronunciation with the assistant object when using the exact same voice configuration as in the dashboard. I figure it should be identical, perhaps my config structure is a bit off but for an azure voice it’s just the id
No additional parameters
I will likely switch to eleven labs but the difference in cost per min is huge. Through the assistant object through code the speech is somewhat less stable but I can’t think of a logical explanation other than me screwing something up
feel free to send me two call ids. one good, one bad. i can check them and tell you what's different
@nikhil actually I managed to fix this 🙂