inpersistent assistant not working in calls while ...
# support
If it put in assistant ID the call works, if I put in an assistant object it works but its a ghost call with no data, sometimes it throws unknown error
this is an example
@0xpranjal.eth dude neither were my problems here solved which @nikhil said he would solve nor was the limit for us increased.
We wanna do bulk calls thousands a day. But we are limited by YOU.
@GeneralKugelBlitz I will forward the information to nikhil. For the limit problem, can you share your email . Will discuss internally and get it sorted
"phoneCallProviderBypassEnabled": true
you should never pass that
please add an exception when this is true, I couldn't catch this as their was no error message I copied this thing and wherever I did it from it was true, my bad. Thank you @nikhil
will think, this is a feature people use. best way is to just read the docs carefully