Ended Reasonpipeline-error-anthropic-llm-failed
# support
1. i frequently get this issue. Ended Reason pipeline-error-anthropic-llm-failed 2. this issue is not just with Anthropic, but also other LLMs 3. The APIs call reliability seems bad, whenever i run to this issue, the user has the restart and all the conversation is lost. 4. Is there concept of thread to resume where the user left off ? 5. The assistant stop talking mid way of the sentence, i set the max token to 200, still has this issue.
Please have a look at this @User
yes resume can be implemented by sending the old messages in the message array of assistant.model.messages
ya anthropic reliablity not great. we need to add more fallbacks etc. but haven't done that work that we did for openai
been waiting on customer pull to do it
seems like now's a good time
Thanks @nikhil how about this 5. The assistant stops talking mid way of the sentence, even after max token is set to 200 ?
Which voice provider?
max token 200 is likely why. set higher