Cross talk and assistant hanging up:
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hi Vapi team, just started doing a POC on vapi in react. I am using openAI assistant API currently, i would like to switch to vapi. Some questions for the community and vapi team help answer if you can. 1. I see a lot of cross talk, meaning when i pause or not sure suddenly i hear the assistant responding without me completing the conversation. 2. All my calls are ended by assistant, not sure why 3. Context window, vapi assistant is loosing context of earlier discussion, i am using GPT-4 turbo. I never had this issue with open AI assistant as it does a great job of keeping a thread alive. 4. i am getting, very frequently. An error occurred in this call: pipeline-error-openai-voice-fai
1. The architecture for most Voice AI systems consists of a Transcriber (converting speech to text in real-time), an LLM Model (receiving all text input), and a Voice component (converting text from the LLM to speech). The crux of your question is: when should the transcribed text be sent to the LLM? Typically, this happens when there's a pause in speech for about 1 to 2 seconds. When we receive an empty string from the transcriber, it indicates that the user has finished speaking. We then forward the content to the LLM, and its output is sent to the audio component. This often results in cross-talk. 2. The issue might be due to the Enable End Call Function being activated. However, I will be able to provide a more precise answer after reviewing your assistant configurations. 3. I've also encountered this problem. Although I'm not certain about the exact cause, I suspect that it's due to some form of preprocessing of the input text by the Voice AI, which leads to the loss of context. 4. Please provide the call ID for the instance where this issue arose. A member of the Vapi Team will assist you with it. // @newtk.
hi @Sahil thanks for your response. call-ID: 9bde0df3-4fdf-4a0f-8059-7ce060edd09d
3. would love to see callIds. we don't do anything to the prompt or conversation. it should be exact case as OpenAI (if it works in OpenAI playground or ChatGPT) 4. i checked the callId, you're using your own openai key, guessing some rate limit