Not getting the end-of-call-report call to the ser...
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This was working earlier for me today, however, for the last 2 test calls I was doing there was no end-of-call-report call. Had the in-progress and ended ones for the 2 calls. Concerned that this has happened now we have VAPI in production. Without these end-of-call-report calls, we have no way to get the info to send to our clients about the details of the call. Is there any way to get the data that is in the end-of-call-report call if we don't receive the call? here's the 2 affected call ids call":{"id":"1b059921-754a-4dab-b477-f3643afde3ba" "call":{"id":"2efdcd7e-0367-44a1-af41-2d948cac3a70"
Check if the url is set correctly on the dashboard
yes, was set correctly, had been working in the past, and was getting the other notifications through, just not the end of call report for those 2 calls, have tested again since and worked, no changes made