Calls ending as soon as first message is said
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Call Id: 4b712db4-c710-4c50-a06f-4160a70190f0 Ended Reason: assistant-said-end-call-phrase I tried making end call functionenabled: false still it ends call
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### Answer The issue you're encountering, where the call ends immediately after the first message due to the assistant recognizing an "end call phrase," may be tied to specific configurations of your assistant or the phrases it is programmed to recognize. The "assistant-said-end-call-phrase" as an ended reason indicates that the assistant detected a phrase within its conversation or initial message that triggers it to end the call [(1)]() . If disabling the "endCallFunctionEnabled" option didn't resolve your issue, it's worth checking the configuration of your assistant's phrases and messages to ensure there are no unintended triggers. Additionally, review the "firstMessage" or any system prompts that might inadvertently contain phrases the assistant interprets as commands to end the call. For detailed management and updating of assistants, including their configuration and the phrases they use, you might want to refer to the documentation on creating, updating, and managing assistants [(2)]() [(3)]() [(4)]() .
I have a consent step in my system prompt in which if consent = yes it keeps going if consent = no it says end call phrase. But that is system prompt, not the conversation would that trigger end call function?
Thanks for the follow-up, @GeneralKugelBlitz. I'll get back to you soon.
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assistant-said-end-call-phrase => This list contains phrases that, if spoken by the assistant, will trigger the call to be hung up. Case insensitive. As per your call logs, the assistant didn't say any end-call phrase like goodbye but was in the prompt. Can you try removing that part from the prompt and try it, once?