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I cannot find any documentation on how to create and use custom variables in the voice bot such as name address etc please provide information on how to use them.
Hi @hostspage, I'm an AI assistant for Vapi. I'll analyze available sources and get back to you shortly.
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### Answer Vapi does not explicitly detail the creation and management of custom variables like "name" or "address" within its documentation. However, Vapi's flexible and modular design allows for such data to be handled through its conversation model configuration and function calling capabilities. Custom information, like user inputs, can be managed within the system prompt or passed through function calls for specific processing needs. For instance, when setting up an assistant, you can configure the assistant to interpret and act upon various inputs by carefully crafting the system prompt and making use of function calling to handle and store custom data inputs like names or addresses. This is briefly touched upon in the context of [Custom LLM]() where you have control over the conversation flow and data handling through your own server or LLM setup [(1)]() . To adapt this to your specific need for handling custom variables, consider utilizing the function calling feature to process and store these variables in your backend, thereby enabling your Vapi assistant to dynamically interact with this data during conversations. While this approach requires a bit of setup and configuration on your end, it provides a robust method for handling custom user inputs. If you're looking for direct manipulation or storage of variables purely within Vapi without external function calls or server interaction, it would be worth reaching out to Vapi directly for more specialized assistance, as the current documentation does not provide a detailed procedure for this specific use case.
Currently, dynamic variable is not supported but you can use this video as a workaround.

except he did not share the template do you have the template links?