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Hey peeps, I have tried everything in the docs to integrate Vapi with GHL calendar booking using the inbound assistant built in the dashboard with the prompt. Replicated exactly step by step what those videos show but haven’t produced any results I have a warm buyer who has been waiting for far too long and there’s no deliverable The assistant works flawlessly executes all instructions but can’t do anything with it Could someone please help actually get my assistant integrated with GHL calendar booking today?
Hi @Tarek Maximus, I'm an AI assistant for Vapi. I'll analyze available sources and get back to you shortly.
----------------------------- **While I generate an answer, here are some sources that might be helpful**: * [Prompting Guide]() * [Outbound Sales Example]() * [Dashboard]() * [How to Connect Vapi with GHL]() -----------------------------
### Answer Integrating Vapi with GoHighLevel (GHL) for calendar booking, especially for creating a seamless automated appointment setting, requires a custom implementation since direct integration steps or specific documentation on linking Vapi directly to GHL's calendar system are not provided in the available documentation or footnotes. However, based on the nature of Vapi and its flexibility in handling external APIs and function calls, you can achieve integration by setting up a custom server to bridge between Vapi and GHL. Here's a general approach you might take: 1. Set Up a Custom Server: Develop a server endpoint that can communicate with both Vapi and GHL's API. This server will act as an intermediary to process requests from your Vapi assistant and make appropriate API calls to GHL for calendar booking. 2. Leverage Vapi's Function Calling Capability: Utilize Vapi's capability to make function calls during conversations. Configure your Vapi assistant to send information (like date, time, and customer details) to your custom server based on the conversation flow [(1)]() . 3. Implement Logic for GHL API Calls: On your custom server, implement the logic to take the data from Vapi and make API calls to GHL to book appointments, manage calendars, or perform any other required actions based on GHL's API documentation. 4. Feedback to Vapi Assistant: Once the booking is successful or if there's an issue, communicate that back to your Vapi assistant so it can inform the user accordingly. For more details on custom server setup and function calling, you may refer to the "Platform-Specific Quickstart" for server setup and the "Function Calling" documentation provided within Vapi's resources [(2)]() [(1)](
ickstart/phone/outbound#assistant-setup) . While there's an acknowledgment of the need for easier integrations and calendar functionalities in discussions on platforms like Discord, specifics on round robin booking or direct integration with GHL's calendar are not covered directly in the provided information sources [(3)]() [(4)]() . It's also worth noting that involving a developer with experience in API integration might be beneficial if you're unfamiliar with these processes. They can help set up the necessary server logic and API calls to bridge your Vapi assistant with GHL effectively. For tutorials or community discussions that might offer insight or potential workarounds, exploring Vapi's community videos might provide some guidance or ideas from other users' experiences with similar integrations [(5)]() [(4)]() .
Got it. Tagging @User for additional help.
Been using Vapi for about a week and mad stressed trying to figure this out, I’m not a dev and can’t afford one. Help me get this set up and I’ll happily compensate you.
It's near impossible to connect to GHL's Oauthv2 API. So I use a Google Calendar and then Sync it to the GHL calendar inside the GHL Calendar settings. Wroks greate with 2 way sync.
Thank you for the clarification good sir
You can check out this tutorial. @GeneralKugelBlitz has integrated the GHL and Vapi and if you need any help you can contact him. @Tarek Maximus
Thank you Sahil, much respect 🫡
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