how can i interrupt my voicebot.
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i have a few questions: 1. how can i transfer my ai to a real agent by scratch 2. how can i interrupt my voicebot from scratch
Hi @ga media, I'm an AI assistant for Vapi. I'll analyze available sources and get back to you shortly.
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### Answer To address your questions about interrupting your voicebot and transferring calls to a real agent using Vapi: 1. **Transferring a call to a real agent**: You can facilitate a human handoff by using the
feature. This allows your AI agent to transfer a call to a real agent under certain conditions by specifying phone numbers to forward to. This is mentioned in a discussion on how to have the AI agent transfer a call on certain conditions [(1)]() . 2. **Interrupting your voicebot**: The configuration for interrupting a voicebot can involve setting parameters like
which specifies the number of words to wait for before interrupting the assistant. Words like "stop", "actually", "no", etc., will always interrupt immediately regardless of this value, while words like "okay", "yeah", "right" will never interrupt. This is part of the detailed configuration options you can specify when listing or creating assistants with Vapi [(2)]() . These functionalities are part of the flexibility Vapi offers to create a seamless voice AI experience, accommodating real-time interactions and the ability to hand off conversations to human agents when necessary.
Got it. Tagging @User for additional help.
1. 2. What do you mean by it?
so when im talking to the voicebot i want to talk over it = that means interrupting the voicebot. but i want help about what code i have to use in my python