Agent Stops with background noise
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Theres very light background noise and the agent just stops mid sentence and then goes silent and no longer processes new input. Any workaround to this? I tried increasing LLM delay but that doesn't work.
Hi @Devon Weston, I'm an AI assistant for Vapi. I'll analyze available sources and get back to you shortly.
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### Answer In scenarios where the agent stops mid-sentence, particularly due to background noise, it could be related to the background voice filtering capabilities of Vapi. Vapi is designed to focus on the primary speaker and filter out other background noises, including other voices, which is crucial for maintaining the clarity of the conversation [(1)]() . However, if the agent still stops unexpectedly, it might be a case not directly addressed in the documentation provided. Adjusting the Low Latency Model (LLM) delay might not be effective if the problem is not related to the timing of sending requests to the LLM but rather to how background noise is being filtered or processed. It's also worth noting that issues with the assistant stopping mid-conversation can sometimes be tied to specific errors within the assistant’s logic or processing, as indicated by various
types [(2)]() . If the issue persists, explore whether the problem might relate to specific conditions not covered in the standard operation, such as the type or level of background noise that's not being effectively filtered. Unfortunately, without direct documentation coverage on adjusting for light background noise specifically, this is an area where further experimentation with the settings, or reaching out for more specialized support, might be necessary.
call_id pls
Can you also provide the exact timestamp where you faced this issue?
b4b89304-4958-4023-821c-8b225eeda658 after 4 minutes just go quiet and ends call
The call was disconnected because the silence-time-out is set to 15 seconds. During this time, the assistant was attempting to fetch some details, which took longer than expected.