Call forwarding.
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Can one Vapi agent transfer call to another Vapi agent, not a number? Is it possible?
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----------------------------- **While I generate an answer, here are some sources that might be helpful**: * [Call Forwarding]() * [Function Calling]() * [Outbound Sales Example]() * [Inbound Support Example]() -----------------------------
### Answer Vapi's documentation and the provided information sources do not explicitly address the scenario of directly transferring a call from one Vapi agent to another Vapi agent without specifying a phone number. The primary mechanism for call forwarding or transferring as detailed involves using phone numbers or SIP URIs. Specifically, the
attributes are used for defining call forwarding targets, which are typically external phone numbers or SIP URIs [(1)]() . Therefore, if your intent is to route calls between different Vapi agents, a possible workaround could involve using the phone numbers assigned to each agent as the forwarding target. This approach would effectively redirect the call from one agent to another, leveraging the existing call forwarding functionality. For a direct transfer between Vapi agents without involving phone numbers explicitly, the current documentation does not provide a clear method.
What you want is an multi-agent thing which is in roadmap. So, for now you can’t do it.