For anyone working with processing dates during a ...
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For anyone working with processing dates during a call: How do you tackle the user asking for something like "today", "tomorrow" or "next week wednesday". For some reason Vapi picks a date far in the past (2023 something something). Might be because LLM was trained on older data or something. My current fix is to call a function that fetches the current datetime from my own backend so the bot has context for these types of dates. HOWEVER This function is not always called reliably. I tried having it fetch it at the beginning of each call, but it would only perform the function after the user spoke and then this response would mess up the conversation a bit. I also tried specifiying to only call it once in every call once the user mentions something about dates. This is the best approach I found but does not work 100%. I am curious to hear how others have experienced this issue and if there is any way of reliably working around it