Question regarding the silence timeout
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There is a silence timeout parameter in the create phone call API which defines the time after which the call will be dropped if no input is detected from the user. I want to know if it is possible for the bot to re-confirm from the user if he/she is still in the call before dropping the call after a certain period of silence.
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### Answer In the current Vapi API documentation, there isn't a direct mention of an in-built feature that allows the bot to re-confirm from the user if they're still in the call before dropping the call due to silence. The
parameter is designed to define the duration Vapi waits in silence before ending the call, but it doesn't include functionality for the bot to initiate a re-confirmation message based on prolonged silence before ending the call [(1)]() . For a feature or functionality specifically aimed at checking with the user if they are still there after a certain period of silence (and before potentially ending the call), you might need to consider custom logic within your application that uses Vapi. This could involve designing the call flow or the assistant's dialogue to include checks or prompts that are contingent on user input at various stages. If this is a critical feature for your application, exploring ways to implement this logic externally or providing feedback to Vapi for potential future enhancements could be beneficial steps.
Got it. Tagging @User for additional help.
Many enterprise customers requested for this feature. So, most probably we will build this and when we are done with it. I will notify you!
okay..thanks for the keep me posted