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Hi, We want to use our own API key to get some custom voices that we have cloned, but I've noticed that the vapi rate for 11labs per minute is lower what we're able to get (probably volume discount?). Is it possible to use our custom voices from 11labs and still enjoy the lower per minute rate?
Hi @wielki asasyn, I'm an AI assistant for Vapi. I'll analyze available sources and get back to you shortly.
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### Answer To use custom voices from 11labs with Vapi, you would indeed need to bring your own API keys for 11labs and configure them within Vapi. This would allow you to utilize any custom or cloned voices you have access to on 11labs through your Vapi voice AI applications. However, the rate at which you are billed for using these custom voices via 11labs would be determined by the pricing agreement you have with 11labs, not Vapi's rate [(1)]() . Vapi itself charges a flat rate of $0.05 per minute for calls, prorated to the second. Additionally, transcriber, model, voice, and telephony costs are charged at-cost, based on the rates of the respective providers you choose to use through Vapi [(2)]() . If the rate you have with 11labs, due to volume discounts or any special pricing, is different from the rate Vapi has negotiated, you will be subject to the cost terms of your agreement with 11labs when using your API keys. It's also worth noting from discussions within the Vapi community that sometimes limitations or restrictions on API usage can impact functionality, so ensure that your account and API key permissions align with your intended usage [(3)]() [(4)]() [(5)]() . To summarize, while you can use custom voices from 11labs by integrating your API key with Vapi, the per-minute rate you enjoy would be as per your agreement with 11labs. Vapi's pricing would apply separately for the orchestration and usage of its platform.
Can we have both: our custom cloned voices from 11labs and the rate that vapi has negotiated?
Got it. Tagging @User for additional help.
We can add your custom voice but it will be available to all the users. If that's not the problem then you can share the url of your custom voice