Multilingual STT
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Can I toggle an option where the assistant can detect the language the user is speaking and proceed with the same language ?
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### Answer Vapi does support multilingual capabilities, where you can set up your assistant to handle multiple languages. However, the current documentation does not explicitly mention a feature that allows the assistant to automatically detect the language of the user and then proceed in that language dynamically within the same session [(1)]() . To implement multilingual support, you would generally configure your assistant with the desired languages by selecting appropriate transcribers and voices that support those languages. This involves setting up the transcriber to handle the speech-to-text process in the specific languages you're targeting and choosing voices for text-to-speech that can speak in those languages. For a direct language detection feature that dynamically switches languages based on user input within a single interaction, there's no detailed information available in the provided documents. This might be because such a feature requires complex language detection and switching mechanisms that are not covered in the current Vapi documentation. If you're looking to support multiple languages in a structured manner, where the language is predetermined per interaction, then setting up individual assistants or configurations for each language might be the current approach with Vapi.
Currently we don't support it but we have that on your to-do list. You can track it using through this URL