Call abruptly ended by the assistant
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Hi, can I get some help looking into this call? 3ebd3951-c760-4411-9659-4ae48d71ed96 Here's the end of the transcript (from Vapi's dashboard) AI: Yes. We offer flexible study options to accommodate students who work full time. You can complete your degree in the usual 3 years or options Anything else you'd like to know? User: Well, what about my application? I wanna check the status of my application. Then the call just ended. The reason given was "assistant-ended-call". However, my prompt says "10. Ask if there are further questions. Answer if possible. If there are no further questions, thank them and end the call with endCall." Can I understand if this is a mistake on the part of GPT4? Do you have the raw output from GPT4 that I can look at? I'm asking because if I can isolate the issue I can think about how to solve it (e.g., finetuning a model).
Hi @teamrick, I'm an AI assistant for Vapi. I'll analyze available sources and get back to you shortly.
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Got it. Tagging @User for additional help.
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:blue_circle: 04:29:47:077 LLM start token received
:blue_circle: 04:29:47:077 Playht start token received. Starting GRPC
:blue_circle: 04:29:47:077 PlayHT (Stream#18) Starting...
:blue_circle: 04:29:47:078 PlayHT (Stream#18, Attempt#0) Starting...
:blue_circle: 04:29:47:078 Request Aborted azure-openai gpt-4-1106-preview-west-us
:blue_circle: 04:29:47:079 Updated statistics azure-openai:gpt-4-1106-preview-west-us: 1574.58942627432 => 71887:1049.7262841829:49894440095.78
:blue_circle: 04:29:47:080 LLM function called
:blue_circle: 04:29:47:080 Requesting Function Call `endCall`. Parameters: {}...
:blue_circle: 04:29:47:081 Function call detected. Clearing hang timeout.
:blue_circle: 04:29:47:081 Web Call Success: assistant-ended-call. Closing...
:blue_circle: 04:29:47:081 Waiting for Logs...
:blue_circle: 04:29:47:082 Web Call Manager Success: assistant-ended-call
:blue_circle: 04:29:47:082 Stopping Web Call Manager....
This was the log related to your assistant. The end call function was triggered by the assistant what you can do is to play around the prompt or fine-tune it to properly instruct them when to use endCall Function.