End of call reports not returning costs or cost br...
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I have enabled end-of-call-report and status-update as server messages. the end of call reports do not have cost info. sample ids: b37f3327-87ea-4791-99f8-3d12bd0e9449 7f1825f2-e025-4a07-8c6d-2c04a041cc6e
Hi @Sangy, I'm an AI assistant for Vapi. I'll analyze available sources and get back to you shortly.
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### Answer Based on the information available, it seems there might be a few reasons why the end-of-call reports are not showing cost or cost breakdown information. It's crucial to ensure that your setup is correctly configured to receive these details. In the official documentation, the structure and content of the end-of-call report are outlined, but specific issues related to costs not appearing are not directly addressed [(1)]() . If you're following all the outlined steps and still facing this issue, it might be due to a temporary glitch or a specific configuration requirement that's not met. For similar situations discussed in the Discord community, users have experienced delays or absence of expected data in server messages, which sometimes could be resolved by verifying configurations or due to temporary system behaviors [(2)]() [(3)]() [(4)]() . These discussions suggest checking configurations and ensuring that the server URL is correctly set to receive all intended messages, including cost information. As direct assistance on this matter is limited by the information provided in the official and community sources, ensuring all configurations on the Vapi dashboard and your server handling logic are correctly set up would be the initial steps. If the problem persists, reviewing recent changes or specific settings related to cost and cost breakdown data might help identify the issue.
Got it. Tagging @User for additional help.
Currently, the end-of-call report may seem stale due to performance issues. To get a proper breakdown, send a request to the call endpoint. Use the call_id you received from the end-of-call report.
Ok thanks. Frustrating to refactor code again.