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We may have a case of having more than 20+ concurrent calls but we wish to have a pay-as-you-go deal. What would happen for the 11th call? Would it be rejected? Can we have a call queuing? Thanks in advance
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### Answer If you anticipate having more than 10 concurrent calls and wish to operate on a pay-as-you-go basis, it's important to know that Vapi by default allows up to 10 concurrent calls on the standard setup. However, it is indeed possible to accommodate more than 10 concurrent calls. For exceeding this limit, it would require reaching out to Vapi's support to request an increase in your concurrent call limit [(1)]() [(2)]() . As for the 11th call and beyond, without an adjustment to your account to allow for more concurrent calls, additional calls might not be initiated until one of the existing calls is completed. The documentation does not explicitly state that calls would be rejected or queued, but managing the concurrency limit is a fundamental aspect, so ensuring you have the capacity for your needs is crucial. For scenarios where you need to handle more than 20+ concurrent calls, reaching out to Vapi's support to discuss your specific requirements and how they can adjust your concurrency limit would be the best course of action. This proactive approach will help in planning for your call volume without facing interruptions or the need for call queuing mechanisms due to hitting the default concurrency limits.
Got it. Tagging @User for additional help.
11th call will be declined and for call queue and other process you need to do it from your side.
@Sahil Is it 10 per agent or 10 per account? The rate limit seems pretty low but enterprise all of a sudden is millions? Hard to scale on Vapi with those limits especially when retell and bland offer much much higher limits
That's an interesting question. Is it per agent or account?
it is per account and just so you know they also offer the same concurrency limit and if you mail to the support they can bump it upto 30.