Dutch (NL) agent is not sending message events dur...
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We use the web SDK to listen for 'message' events. These allow us to display the conversation transcript in the browser. This works for our english agent (19c64d52-7463-4a4d-950e-b724da53c3ac) but not for our dutch agent (df64a553-d800-470d-a077-ade3616dfe73) which only sends 'speech-update' events You can check it out here by opening the console log (we log all 'message' events to the console) - https://call.blackbearlabs.ai/?lang=en -> english agent sends all events - https://call.blackbearlabs.ai/ -> dutch agent only sends 'speech-update' events Is this a known limitation? How can we get live voice transcripts with the Dutch agent?
Hi @stijn, I'm an AI assistant for Vapi. I'll analyze available sources and get back to you shortly.
----------------------------- **While I generate an answer, here are some sources that might be helpful**: * [Vapi Web SDK]() * [Web SDK]() * [List Assistants]() * [Agents bug]() -----------------------------
### Answer The behavior you're experiencing with the Dutch agent not sending 'message' events, especially those related to conversation transcripts, isn't described as a known limitation or behavior within the provided information sources. The Vapi Web SDK documentation details how to listen for 'message' events, indicating that these events are used to handle various assistant messages, including function calls and transcripts, during a call [(1)]() . This mechanism should theoretically work irrespective of the language if the assistant is configured correctly. For messages to be sent back to the client during the call, you need to specify on the
field the set of messages you’d like the assistant to send back to the client at the assistant creation time. Those messages will come back via the
event. It’s possible that the configuration for your Dutch agent might differ from the English one, especially regarding what messages are configured to be sent back. If this issue persists and is not related to configuration differences, it could be beneficial to review the assistant's settings, especially focusing on the
and the language configuration for the transcriber and model, to ensure they are set up to support Dutch appropriately. Unfortunately, without access to more specific details or error logs, it’s challenging to provide a precise solution. Given the information available, it's suggested to double-check the configuration for both your English and Dutch agents, particularly around the aspects of language support and messages settings. If configurations align and the issue remains, it might be an undocumented behavior or limitation that's best addressed by further investigating with the development or support team behind Vapi.
Got it. Tagging @User for additional help.
Here's the Svelte code in case anyone is wondering
nova-2-video doesn't support nl. Only nova-2 support it. https://developers.deepgram.com/docs/models-languages-overview
thanks, changing nova-2-video to nova-2 fixed the agent transcription! The user transcription isn't fully coming through tho; - 'transcript' events are coming through - 'conversation-update' events are NOT coming through => we use these to show the conversation history https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1234795098559086642/1235631948114825316/Screenshot_2024-05-02_at_18.38.38.png?ex=6635136d&is=6633c1ed&hm=897b29e0c8833c6e08ae49c80da79089755976191c74328c4af3b5f59de2e977&