How should the caller inform the AI to transfer to...
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I know you have "Forwarding Phone Number", but what should the caller say?
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----------------------------- **While I generate an answer, here are some sources that might be helpful**: * [Call Forwarding]() * [Function Calling]() * [Inbound Support Example]() * [Outbound Sales Example]() -----------------------------
### Answer To prompt the AI to transfer a call to a human, the specific phrase or instruction that the caller should use isn't directly mentioned in the provided information sources. However, when implementing call forwarding functionality with Vapi, it typically involves setting up the assistant's behavior to recognize certain requests or conditions during the conversation for the transfer to occur. This could be based on specific questions, keywords, or phrases identified during the interaction. For instance, assistants can be instructed to use the
function when certain conditions are met, such as the caller asking to speak with a human. This is facilitated by providing the assistant with instructions in the system prompt on when and how to use the
attributes for transferring the call [(1)]() [(2)]() . However, for detailed customization on what the caller should say to initiate a transfer, it might involve tailoring the assistant's conversation model to recognize specific triggers or commands that indicate a transfer request. This aspect of customization would depend on the specific setup and the conversation flow designed for the assistant. For scenarios with complex requirements or dynamic forwarding needs, discussions on platforms like Discord suggest exploring programmatically managing call forwarding outside of directly specifying all forwarding numbers within Vapi's configuration, by utilizing additional services or custom logic to handle the dynamic aspects of call forwarding [(3)]() . In summary, the exact phrases or commands can be defined based on how the assistant is configured to recognize a transfer request, which is part of de
signing the assistant's conversation flow and logic.
You need to mention that in the prompt about how to transfer the call.
Check this docs
In that document I see "“If the user asks for sales, call the transferCall function with +1123123123" Is transferCall native or do i set it up as a function? if I do, then what's is this feature in the image. Hope you understand why im confused.
It is a native function you don't need to include it. You just need to provide the number as well as the reason when to perform this function.
and keep "Forwarding Phone Number" field empty?
If you have multiple phone numbers then you need to use forwardingNumbers features and disabled this function through API call but if you have a single number then you can directly add it into the dashboard