useEffect error is showing up on the dashboard aga...
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### Answer It seems there have been multiple instances where users encountered various errors related to the Vapi dashboard, as indicated in the Discord forum discussions. However, these discussions do not provide specific solutions or details regarding a "useEffect error" on the dashboard [(1)]() [(2)]() [(3)]() . For issues directly related to the dashboard functionality or errors, it's typically best to check the official Vapi documentation and updates for any announcements or troubleshooting steps related to known issues. Since the detailed resolution for a "useEffect error" isn't covered in the provided information, it's possible that this issue might be new or unique to your situation. Developers often address these kinds of errors by reviewing any recent changes to their code or setup that might be causing the issue. If the problem persists, it might be beneficial to reach out to the Vapi community or forums where you can share more details about the error and potentially receive direct assistance from the Vapi team or other experienced users.
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