Make AI read a specific long message
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This is more a question about prompts. How do make the assistant read a specific message from either the vapi console or from the function call. Basically thinking of creating a robo caller that reads a specific message with some details of the user and then can answer questions or hand of to a real person.
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----------------------------- **While I generate an answer, here are some sources that might be helpful**: * [Vapi Flutter SDK]() * [Create Assistant]() * [Prompting Guide]() * [Update Assistant]() -----------------------------
### Answer To have your assistant read a specific message during a call, whether it's through the Vapi console or a function call, you can incorporate a system prompt that instructs the assistant on its behavior and responses during the interaction. This setup, including how the assistant responds and potentially hands off to a real person, can be configured during the creation or updating of your assistant in Vapi. For initiating a call where the assistant reads a specific message, you might use the Vapi's API to create or update an assistant with a predefined message or behavior. When creating or updating an assistant, you can specify messages that the assistant is to communicate, alongside configuring behaviors such as handoff to a real person based on certain triggers or questions [(1)]() [(2)]() . Additionally, you can use Vapi's function calling capabilities to trigger specific actions or messaging during a call. This allows you to dynamically manage the conversation flow and include detailed user information or specific messages as needed [(3)]() . The function calling feature enables your assistant to perform actions like retrieving information or executing commands based on the conversation context, which can be leveraged to read out specific messages or details about the user. It's essential to carefully craft your assistant's prompts and configure its settings to match your desired workflow, including reading specific messages and interacting with users in a meaningful way. The details about creating, updating, and managing assistants and their capabilities are covered in the Vapi documentation, providing guidance on how to set up your assistant for various scenarios, including as
a robo caller [(1)]() [(2)]() .
You can directly pass the message in the System prompt and then perform function calls if you need to gather some more data. For transfer call, use transferCall function. Read the docs.
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