Elevenlabs voice issue - no sound
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For some reason around the last week the Elevenlabs voices dont seem to be working for me. I dont get any output from the assistants when I choose Elevenlabs. All other companies voices seem to work ok. I thought it might be related to my assistant settings but other assistants seem to work.
Hi @vahidkowsari, I'm an AI assistant for Vapi. I'll analyze available sources and get back to you shortly.
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### Answer It seems there have been instances where users faced issues with Elevenlabs voice not working as expected. From the information available, it's evident that other users have experienced similar problems with Elevenlabs voices, either receiving a 400 error when attempting to use it in applications or encountering unusual activity or pipeline errors indicated by messages like "pipeline-error-eleven-labs-voice-failed" [(1)]() [(2)]() . This suggests there might be specific issues with Elevenlabs integration or configurations that are leading to these errors. Moreover, there have been discussions about weird noises in calls and malfunctions with Elevenlabs on both web and actual calls, indicating that you might not be alone in facing these challenges with Elevenlabs voices [(3)]() . These reports suggest there can be issues either with the Elevenlabs voice service or how it's integrated with Vapi, which could lead to no sound output from the assistants when selecting Elevenlabs. Given these points, while there's not a direct solution provided in the information sources, it's clear that similar issues have been encountered by others. It might be beneficial to review the assistant's configuration, especially the voice provider settings, to ensure everything is set up correctly. Additionally, considering the discussions around these issues, further investigation into the specific errors or checking for any updates or advisories from Elevenlabs or Vapi regarding these voices could provide more insight into resolving the problem.
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