BackChanneling Enabled Error even though Dashboard...
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How is this a thing when backchanneling is not even a thing in the dashboard What am i missing
Hi @Huza, I'm an AI assistant for Vapi. I'll analyze available sources and get back to you shortly.
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### Answer Backchanneling, as defined in the glossary of Vapi documentation, refers to the verbal or non-verbal feedback a listener gives during a conversation, such as "yeah", "OK", "uh-huh", etc. This feature is significant for creating natural and engaging voice AI interactions [(1)]() . While you've encountered an issue related to backchanneling and it's not explicitly mentioned in the dashboard functionalities, it's integrated into how Vapi manages the flow of conversation to ensure it simulates natural human interaction effectively. If backchanneling or related errors are not directly addressed within the dashboard interface or documentation provided, it could be part of the broader orchestration layer that Vapi abstracts away. This includes managing conversational dynamics like turn-taking, interruption handling, which implicitly involves backchanneling to some extent. For specific issues like the "BackChanneling Enabled Error" you're encountering, it's likely tied to the conversational model or the configuration of your assistants and their interaction dynamics. Given the information sources available, a direct reference or solution to this specific error isn't provided, suggesting it might be a more nuanced issue related to the setup or implementation of your voice AI agent. For more tailored assistance, examining the setup of your assistants, especially how they handle conversational feedback, might provide some insights. Additionally, reviewing any recent changes or updates in the configurations could help identify if a new feature or modification might have affected this aspect of your voice AI's behavior.
The whole dashboard became dysfunctional
cant do anything pretty much
Got it. Tagging @User for additional help.