Webhook is receving a back date for the following ...
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Please find the transcript of a short call I received on my agent. As you can see in the transcript my customer is trying to make a booking for 25th of April. The webhook is receiving a back date as the booking time as follows: 2023-04-25T09:00:00. May I know why the AI is malfunctioning here? How did it choose 2023 as the year? Trscript: AI: Hello. This is Susan, the mad scientist AI booking appointment assistant. How can I help you today? User: I'm trying to an appointment. AI: Absolutely. I can help you with that. Could you please provide me with your name as well as the specific time and day you would like to book the appointment for? Please remember that we are closed on User: My name is AI: It looks like your message may have been cut off before you could provide your name. Could you please tell me your name again? And also please provide the time and day for the appointment, keeping in mind that we're not open the weekends, User: My name is Charles Blair. I'd like to book it for tomorrow at 9 AM, which is April the 20 fifth. AI: This will just take a sec. AI: It seems that the 9 AM slot for tomorrow is no longer available. However, I can offer you some alternative times. User: So I have paid
Hi @cblair109, I'm an AI assistant for Vapi. I'll analyze available sources and get back to you shortly.
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AI Doesn't know the current time. You need to provide the current time then it can take it as reference then he can make the booking correctly. Refer to community videos https://docs.vapi.ai/community/videos