Using outbound to Test my Inbound
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31c1f4c6-16d8-4204-b3db-2d24a93a8a6c I wanted to try to make an outbound agent to test my invound agent looked like it should have worked but just hangs up
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### Answer When setting up outbound calls to test an inbound agent, ensure both your assistants (outbound and inbound) are properly configured in terms of transcriber, model, voice, and especially their handling instructions for calls [(1)]() [(2)]() [(3)]() [(4)]() . If the call immediately hangs up, it could indicate an issue with the connection setup or function calling between the two agents. Ensure your server URL settings are correctly configured to manage the interaction between the outbound and inbound calls effectively. This might involve setting up function calls correctly in your outbound assistant to manage the call logic or actions [(1)]() . Also, carefully review the configuration of your inbound assistant to ensure it's set to accept and process incoming calls as expected [(4)]() . Lastly, verify that your phone numbers are correctly set up and associated with the correct assistants for both inbound and outbound calling [(5)]() [(6)]() [(4)]() . If the problem persists, you may need to closely review the logs or debug the call flow to identify where the disconnection occurs.
I believe it's a good thing the system doesn't allow for loops like that
As per I can see, it looks like the customer ended the call rather than the agent. So, can you tell me what is your exact issue in a bit more detail?
Well the calls start they tallk a little over each other at first can fix that...and then the outbound agents starts talking more but all the calls seem to end at 30 seconds...
seems like it should all work but that 30 sec disconnect dont know if thats part of something doing it... ideally i wanted to make a couple of test calls so as we make changes i can test them out easy
"AnsweredBy":"machine_end_other" . So, it means that either your number is marked as spam due to which you are not able to send the call properly
Hmm.. well the numbers arent spam or i dont think so.. how do i tell them? so does it think the imbound is an answering machine? that the problem
If you to remove this part to not hangup the call even it is detected as machine then use VoicemailDetection False through API
hmm ok.. le me play with that