Multilangual does not work
# support
I’ve been experiencing a persistent issue with the multilingual functionality of the Voice Assistants. They have been performing well until I encountered a snag with the language settings. When I attempt to set a different language for the transcriber, it retains the selected language right up until I press the "publish" button, at which point it reverts back to English. I've made sure to select both the multilingual model from 11labs and an appropriate voice to accompany it. I'm reaching out to inquire if this is a known problem and if there are others facing a similar setback. Any assistance or guidance on resolving this would be greatly appreciated.
This issue has been fixed. Can u check again and confirm.
Hi @Niklas.AI , We patched this bug couple of days back. You should be able to update the settings and publish them without any errors. Give it another try now andlLet me know if you still face any errors.