Assistant not publishing after changes to function
# support
I'm experiencing problems with my functions, especially when it is one with 5 properties. I can't save the function. When I click "publish" it's just endlessly loading.. When I exit and login again the changes have not been saved.
So I think it kinda works when making changes one by one to the properties and saving one by one. Also, the system has a problem with the property "description". I chose another name and it finally saved it.
Yup I've noticed the same..Saving changes is extremely fragile. I make sure to publish after every change. I still sometimes see random errors but refresh and make sure I see the change.
well sorry about that. we shouldn't have papercuts on such simple / core / critical flows. @zoratrox360 owns the dashboard and is on the office hour for tomorrow. give him hell
(jk, pls don't actually)
but yes pls do bring up these things in office hours when we're live talking, it has a different emotional feel to it and pushes us to serve you better