Outbound phone number is not working
# support
Hi, I signed up for a paid account. I can't seem to get the outbound number to save to my account. I've purchased numbers, tried to import my number from twillio, but it's not working. How do I configure this?
What is the exact issue that you are facing? @chefcharles8005 Can you share the screenshot of it?
when i add my twilio outbound phone number and save it, i can see it but when i refresh it's not showing for my assistant.
is says it's added to the queue, do i wait for your side to set it up? what now?
i've also tried it with the numbers you provide to buy but that doesn't seem to work either, is it possible to use the numbers you sell for $2 a month for outbound calls? i'm fine either way, I just want to get this live so I can start using it
inbound seems to work, i'm just not sure if outbound is working or not, that's what i need help with.
Hey @chefcharles8005 , you can use the number provided by Vapi for outbound and inbound calls. You can place an outbound call from one of your phone numbers using the /call/phone endpoint. If the message will differ with each call, you can specify a temporary assistant in the assistant field. For reusing an assistant, specify its ID in the assistantId field.
for outbound, we need you to bring your own numbers
if they work for inbound, they'll work for outbound
you do seem to follow the right steps (just put the number you want to call + assistant), and it should give you a ring
maybe import your number from twilio and see what error you see on twilio