My assistant disappeared from dashboard
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After trying out my assistant with function calling it disappeared from my dashboard and doesn't return when I log out and log in again. I also cant create new assistants anymore. What should I do?
By any chance, did you mess with API endpoints?
Im not sure. I set up a webhook respons in make to return 200 when slot is available and 404 when slot is not available and send "message": slot is available for 200 and not available for 404
could this be the problem?
it worked fine when i called the endpoints manually with the testing button
Take a copy of your assistant by using the /assistant endpoint and then remove all the assistants and recreate it.
I have the same issue … after I changed the voice to elevenlabs it started showing blank screen for that assistant
The web call to it is also failing… An error occurred in this call: pipeline-error-first-message-failed ID ab578aab-5169-48c2-9ad2-43281fdd0b9e
I was using UI to change the voice
I don’t have a backup of this so really want to get it working again
Vapi Team must have made a few changes in the application, so this error must have occurred. So, I would suggest you to follow the same thing to use /assistant endpoint and copy the data and recreate it.