widget doesn't load
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Hi I loaded the widget in my website as code snippet: https://www.speaq.ai/sales its under the person image, but I can't see the widget loading ....any ideas? this site is on squarespace.
hey @TheSnowguru wdym by it isnt loading, do you mean its not showing up at all, or not displaying the loading icon before the call is connected? i just used it successfully on your website
also btw, your call assistant says *"wait for confirmation" * out loud when trying to ask about the persons current business. not sure if thats in your prompt somewhere or the intended behavior
@hawa i didnt see any button .......also on my pc...
Its supposed to appear under the image
if you scroll all the way down
to the very bottom of your site
do u see it then?
might just be a matter of playing around with styling on squarespace to get it in the correct position
try to play around with the custom css section in squarespace @TheSnowguru
ahhhh cool!
@hawa i am trying to get agent, but how can i insert some data into the agent , llike name of the client for instance....can you explain?
@TheSnowguru you will need to figure out how to mention the clients name in your first message and/or system prompt if you want it to use the name throughout the call. n this case since the client would be initiating the call, you may not know the name right? so possibly have the first message asking the client for their name and setting up a function call that stores that name somewhere and then using that in your prompt. maybe that could work?
That's can be easier??...user submits a form, i use
get agent
with paramters on the url? Or post new agent that , wish i could post agent from frontend without building that horrefying json...😖
Post agent can use web call??? Like get agent....
oh idk if i fully understand what you mean, but if you have prior context of the clients name from your own form or something , you can just make a post / patch request with the clients name included in the first message / system prompt via a webcall. do you already have the customers name? maybe this thread will help? https://discord.com/channels/1211482211119796234/1223701425209737226
webcalls are possible: https://github.com/VapiAI/web
Wish i could just get the code from the frontend....