Voice mail does not work
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Hello, while testing out a scenario where I need to send a voicemail if user rejects or machine picks up the parameter voicemailMessage never actually plays the message. Only the initial message text is played in the voicemail. I see in Twilio from logs that the machine picks up with "unknown" Answered-By field when the call is rejected which might be the reason? I decided to take the twilio call sid and check status myself and was able to send a TwiML that plays the voice mail message but in this case VAPI sends a "" TwiML to twilio which ends the call a few seconds into the message. Is there any way I can either get voice mails to work through Vapi or stop the hanging up?
You need to play with these parameters to solve your problem.
@Sahil They do not solve the problem. When it is enabled and I have given text as input it does not trigger the message in the voicemail at all. When it is disabled it doesn't even do machine detection in twilio which also disables my chance to do my own processing.
As seen here in Twilio logs, there is a call to /amd endpoint which is probably machine detection status callback. Then nothing is played and it just hangs up.
Can you send the call id?
Could you please take a look into this issue. @User
@Sahil Hey sorry just saw this message. ID e720f6de-0c00-4e68-96f3-68293214e2b0
ID e8146f89-9c55-4b65-966e-2bfd3bc4ef50
ID e108b642-f841-4d47-af47-c0972ec3d318
a few example call ids
@User Hi team, could you please help me out with this if possible? Thanks!
@Sahil @User Hello, I think this was missed but could you please let me know if this isn't possible. Thanks for all the work!
@0xpranjal.eth Can you please look into his issue? He is trying to fix this for a long time.
Hi @abowlofsauce , missed your requets before. Sending it to my tech team. Will get back hortly
@0xpranjal.eth no worries, thank you 🎉
sorry about the delay
e720f6de-0c00-4e68-96f3-68293214e2b0 > no voicemailMessage set
same for all, no voiceMessage set
you should have voicemailMessage set and voicemailDetectionEnabled=true (this is default true)
@nikhil Hi! thanks for checking it out
assistant = { 'firstMessage': f'Hey there! This is {config.name} from {config.company_name}. Would you like to be transferred to a sales representative?', 'context': f"REDACTED" 'model': 'gpt-3.5-turbo', "voice": { "provider": "11labs", "voiceId": "steve" }, "forwardingPhoneNumber": config.route_phone_number, "recordingEnabled": True, "interruptionsEnabled": False, "endCallMessage": "Thanks for your time.", "voicemailDetectionEnabled": True, "silenceTimeoutSeconds": 60, "voicemailMessage": f"{request.text}", "endCallFunctionEnabled": False, } This is the assistant that I am using. On voicemail it takes request.text which I can confirm has data and sends a request to make the call to your API. Only the firstMessage is played in the voicemail.
I have also tried inputting a string directly but you seem to not receive the data for voicemailMessage if you are seeing it empty.
@abowlofsauce Why don't you join the Daily office hour today and discuss it live.
I wasn't able to join the daily office hour unfortunately. I'll try to join next time. Just a quick update, no matter what I send to voicemailMessage it is empty. Even a test string like: "voicemailMessage": "Testing voicemail",
I created the assistant first and gave assistant ID and while the dashboard shows the message the voicemail is still empty silence.
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