Adding Arabic to deepgram transcriber
# support
Hi, I would like to know if its possible to add Arabic under deepgrams transcriber. Talkscriber has one but increases the latency by a significant amount, deepgram on the hand will reduce the latency by minimum 300ms based on the other languages provided.
Currently, Arabic language is not supported by deepgram. So, you won't able to use deepgram as your transcriber.
Thats unfortunate, seems like there arent many options for arabic. At the moment, theres only talkscriber and the latency is above 2000ms...
Give it a try, I think Talkscriber latency shouldn't be that bad
Use Azure Arabic voices
I did already try azure Arabic voices and the quality is so bad, it’s unusable. The only one that’s good is from 11labs multilingual model and it’s literally perfect, the only issue is the ridiculous added latency which makes it completely unusable unfortunately.