Eleven Multilingual v2
# support
Hi! Can you please add Eleven Multilingual v2 from eleven labs because non of the models and options on vapi work with Arabic properly. Eleven Multilingual v2 is not the only one that works perfectly in Arabic but in many other languages as well but unfortunately isn’t in vapi.
it is already working, i launched an assistant i arabic yesterday using multilingual v2 . Please note that claude haiku works way better than gpt 3.5 in arabic
Thnx for letting me know!
Wow it works incredibly well. But the cost of latency ruins the possibility of making it viable for use…
The total latency is 2020 ms
yes, anything multilingual is problematic at this stage. I am running this for Arabic and Greek clients and need to apply tricks (interjections)
ya for fast multilingual, you have to use azure which is definitely not as high quality as 11labs
What tricks are you applying?