Resuming a call?
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Hi, We are trying to build an assistant that calls up an individual everyday or sometimes follows up multiple times in a day. Is it possible for this voice agent which calls to build on previous conversations? At the moment I am using the API routes in Python to initiate a call and do get a call id for every call. I see a way to resume call on UI. Is that functionality same as what I am asking and are there hooks already to do this today porgramatically? Thank you.
I also realize, this Resume Call functionality on the UI does not work for me. When I click it after finishing a call, it doesn't do anything.
Maybe you can summarize the previous transcription and provide it as a context in the prompt for second call before the call
I could do that yes, wondering though if they already have some of this plumbing done since I was curious about their "Resume Call" functionality.
Yes, resume call is just us appending the messages of the previous conversation to the next conversation
Hi @vkullu have you the resume call ? Are you trying this over phone number or web call
@User + 1 to "Resume Call" on dashboard not working. How can we do this programmatically? i don't see any api endpoints or in the web sdk .. Edit: i saw this from nikhil on another thread - will try it "you can "resume" by starting another call with the messages from the old in assistant.model.messages" i'm assuming I insert all messages in the vapi.send() call vapi.send({ type: "add-message", message: { role: "system", content: "The user has pressed the button, say peanuts", }, ### insert prev messages here });
@Sangy correct, you currently cannot resume a call via the sdks or api (unfortunately)
function is meant to append messages to an existing call — I imagine you mean appending the messages upon a new
which yes that would work to restore the previous messages into a new call
oh right, i can do in the vapi.start() call. thanks. and i can patch the first message to say "welcome back" or something.