Play HT voices not working at all
# support
Hi, Since my call with Jordan when we trouble shooted the custom voices. Please take a look at why no voices work now, not even your voice options from that provider. I really need the Australian/British female voices for my business. Thanks @jordan @nikhil
Yeah same
Its not working for me right now either
Yup, they are having an outage. You should see the banner in dashboard now
Will be removed when're back
Ok thank you.
IDEA: Maybe a fallback voice in this situation could be useful for your customers to know that during such an outage, they will at least have a voice that is available to have uninterrupted calls... 👍
Yup, good idea
There's been an outage on PlayHT's end. If you switch to another Voice provider should work
for me too....
eleven labs not working as well?